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Wool...Branded for the Future – As American consumers embrace the natural magic of homegrown wool, it was imperative for the American Wool Council to adopt a new look that brought the industry’s image up to par with the products being created every day with this innovative, sustainable fiber. American wool is vigorous enough to support the U.S. military on the frontlines of battle, yet elegant enough to grace red carpets and magazine covers. Heightening consumer recognition of and building loyalty to this new brand promises to build a greater dependence on American wool and a loyalty to the products created with Nature’s Magic. After all, this is America, where innovation is celebrated, tradition is respected and high performance reigns.

“Welcome to Denver for the 2017 ASI meeting. We haven’t scheduled a convention in Denver for nearly 15 years, so a lot of members are anxious to join us in Colorado. We are pleased to announce that Temple Grandin, Ph.D., will be addressing attendees at an Opening Session on Thursday afternoon. She is a noted animal welfare expert, an author and a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. The industry was fortunate to have Dr. Grandin fill the role of subject matter expert in our recently released Sheep Handling Video. I hope you will be able to join us in January and be a part of setting the course of the sheep industry for the next year.”
Peter Orwick, ASI Executive Director

Meeting alongside ASI in Denver are the American Lamb Board, American Goat Federation, ASI Women, Food and Fiber Risk Managers, Make It With Wool National Contestants, Mountain States Lamb Co-op, National Lamb Feeders Association, National Livestock Producers Association, National Sheep Improvement Program, National Sheep Industry Improvement Center, Sheep Venture Company, Superior Farms and Western Range Association.

The biggest surprise for visitors to Denver is the climate. Locals wake up to more than 300 days of sunshine a year. In most years, the average daily high temperature in January is between 40 and 50 degrees. Evenings cool down to below freezing, so winter attire will be needed. With the hotel just a block from the 16th Street Walking Mall, wool jackets and comfortable boots will keep you cozy as you navigate the downtown area.