Guard Dog Members

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The Guard Dog Program has spent nearly $100,000 over the last 14 months on two issues: the ongoing bighorn/domestic sheep controversy and the struggle to keep the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station in Idaho operational.

Due to the generosity of the record-setting 160 members and organizations that contributed to the Guard Dog Program during 2015 , the industry was able to continue to fund lawsuit expenses in two bighorn controversy cases and legally intervene on behalf of the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station. The program also helped support a coalition to address the overpopulation of horses on the rangelands. The Guard Dog Program funding is the key to any legal efforts on behalf of the sheep business.

Please consider a contribution this year to lend the extra hand to protect the sheep industry on all fronts. This is the only way that the organization can assist with or lead litigation. Annual dues from state associations are spent 100% on lobbying in Washington, D.C., so there is no balance left for litigation or legal analysis of federal decisions.

The 2014 solicitation yielded a 25 percent growth in membership and we hope to increase the program again this year. We know activist groups that are targeting the sheep industry, such as Western Watershed Project or those suing over the sheepherder program, will continue to generate even more cash for their legal assault on livestock, so as an industry, it behooves us to fight fire with fire and reload our own legal-fund reserves.

You are recognized nationally as the individuals and businesses that go the extra mile for the sheep industry. We receive positive feedback from the Guard Dog Member recognition in the monthly Sheep Industry News, as well as throughout the Annual Sheep Industry Convention.

If you are a returning member, I hope you will consider another contribution to the Guard Dog Program and continue to be part of the group of leaders that support the industry at a higher level. If you are a first time supporter, welcome to the program. A list of members is below.


Peter Orwick, Executive Director

FY 2015/2016 (Oct. 1, 2015 - September 30, 2016)

Charter Members

Martin and Shirley Auza, Martin Auza Sheep Co. (AZ)

John and Nina Baucus, Sieben Ranch Co. (MT)

Brad and Laurie Boner, Cole Creek Ranch (WY)

Robert and Becky Boylan, Boylan Ranch (SD)

J. Paul and Debbie Brown, Reata (CO)

Jean Brown, Slash KJ (CO)

Dan Chournos, Chournos Inc. (UT)

Gordon Clark, Haycreek Ranch (OR)

Colorado Wool Growers Association

Mike and Jennifer Corn, Roswell Wool (NM)

Florence, John and Quinci Cubiburu, Cubiburu Livestock (CA)

Tom and Renee Davis, Davis Land & Livestock Co. (WY)

Chico and Ginnie Denis, Denis Ranch (TX)

Jerry Dilts and Elizabeth Philp (WY)

Alicia Dredge, CD Ranches (ID)

John and Mary Eagle (ID)

Nancy East, Sheeprock Ranch (CA)

Ben and Stella Elgorriaga, Elgorriaga Livestock (CA)

Steve and Lisa Elgorriaga (CA)

R Emigh Livestock (CA)

John and Carolyn Espil, John Espil Sheep Co., Inc (NV)

Henry and Kathleen Etcheverry, Etcheverry Sheep Co. (ID)

John and Jodi Faulkner, Faulkner Land & Livestock Co. (ID)

Firewater Ranch (WA)

Glen and Linda Fisher, Askew-Fisher Ranch (TX)

Paul and Marla Frischknecht, Frischknecht Livestock (UT)

Don and Helen Godby, Godby Sheep Co. (CO)

Melchor and Karen Gragirena, El Tejon Sheep Co. (CA)

Michael and Vickie Guerry, Guerry Inc. (ID)

Bill Hall, Ellison Ranching (NV)

Richard and Stacy Hamilton, Hamilton Brothers (CA)

Julie Hansmire and Lynn Campbell, Campbell Hansmire Sheep (CO)

Gene Hardy, Hardy Ranch (WY)

Harold and Judy Harper, Harper Livestock Co. (CO)

Mike and MaryAnn Harper, Mike Harper Livestock Co. (CO)

Casey and Jenna Humble (SD)

Ryan and Beatriz Indart, Indart Group (CA)

Lee and Joan Jarvis, Jarvis Sheep Co. (UT)

Mike and Mary Jo Jernigan, Jernigan Ranch Co. (TX)


Truman and Marie Julian, Julian Land & Livestock Co. (WY)

Thomas and Becky Kourlis, Kourlis Ranch (CO)

Clint and Maureen Krebs, Krebs Livestock (OR)

Skye and Penny Krebs, Krebs Sheep Co. (OR)

Dean and Kathy Lamoreaux, Lamoreaux Sheep (UT)

Jim Magagna, Magagna Brothers (WY)

Bob and Diane Malone, R & D Malone Ranches, LLC (TX)

Joe Mattos, IOU Sheep Co. (CA)

Jack and Kathryn McRae, McRae Brothers (MT)

Don and Pete Meike, Meike Ranch Inc. (WY)

Wiley Micks, Quad Five (MT)

Pierce and Betty Miller, VIP Ranch (TX)

Minnesota Lamb & Wool Producers

Montana Wool Growers Association

Frank and Elaine Moore, Spearhead Ranch (WY)

William Moore, Jr. and Franke Addington, W I Moore Ranch Co. (WY)

Elisabeth Noelke, 7h Ranch (TX)

Mike and Kelly Nottingham, Nottingham Land & Livestock (CO)

Allen and Brenda Olsen, Olsen Agri-Livestock (UT)

Jack and Cindy Orwick, Orwick Ranch (SD)

James and Joyce Orwick (SD)

Brian and Gayenell Phelan, Superior Farms (CA)

John and Anita Phillips, J & A Phillips Ranch (ID)

James and Nancy Powell (TX)

Larry Prager, Center of the Nation Wool (SD)

Steve and Toni Raftopoulos, Two Bar Sheep Co. LLC (CO)

Fred Roberts, Roberts Ranch (WY)

Spence and Connie Rule, Rule Feeders LLC (CO)

Tom Schene, Schene Enterprises (CA)

Jeff and Cindy Siddoway, Siddoway Sheep Co. Inc (ID)

Jack Smith, Cedar Livestock Association (UT)

Phil Soulen, Soulen Livestock Co. (ID)

Angelo, Karin, Anthony and Dani Theos, Theos Swallow Fork Ranch (CO)

Tom and Debra Thompson III, Thompson Feedlot (CO)

Utah Wool Marketing Association

Gary and Lori Visintainer, Visintainer Sheep Co. (CO)

Tom and Karin Watson, Silverdale Farms (OR)

Clark and Patty Willis, Willis Ranch (UT)

David and Sara Winters, Winters Ranch Partnership (TX)

Supporting Members

Joe and Carmen Auza, Joe Auza Ranch (AZ)

Leo and Darla Barthelmess, Barthelmess Ranch Corp. (MT)

Bob and Sherry Benson (IN)

Stanley and Sharon Bingham, Desert Sky Ranch, Inc. (ID)

Brian and Carol Bitner, BRB Livestock (UT)

Jack and Lori Blattner, Blattner Suffolks (ID)

Patrick and Ronna Burke, Burke Ranch (SD)

Pete, John and Tiddle Camino, Camino & Sons LLC (WY)

Curry and Bonnie Lou Campbell, Campbell-Mayer Liveoak Ranch (TX)

Tom and Cynthia Crane (CA)

Tom and Andrea Colyer, Greenwood Hill Farm (MA)

David and Theressa Dalling (ID)

David and Julie Dashiell, Redbull Ranch (WA)

Douglas and Julia Davis, The Homestead Ranch (SD)

Rufus and Patricia DeZeeuw, DeZeeuw Farm (SD)

Tom and Maria Dosch, Dosch's TMD Katahdins (SD)

Ellie Dumdi (OR)

John and Bernie Dvorak, Dvorak Family Farm (MN)

David Earl, Upper Creek Ranch (UT)

Ruth Edwards (WY)

Ted and Renae Edwards, Edwards Ranch (WY)

Tom and Leah Edwards, TLE Ranch (WY)

Martin and Maria Etchamendy, Etchamendy Sheep Co. Inc. (CA)

Lorin and Waneta Fawcett, Joseph O. Fawcett and Son, Inc. (UT)

Fred Fulstone, Marriane and Kristofor Leisassar, FIM Corp. (NV)

Jeremy Geske, JMG Suffolks (MN)

Bob and Suzy Gilbert (MT)

Wesley and Ashley Glass, Bull Creek Ranch (TX)

Wm F and Sherie Goring, Goring Ranch (UT)

David and Nancy Greene (MD)

Clarence Halterman, Halterman Sheep Inc. (UT)

Keith and Linda Hamilton, Hamilton Ranch Inc. (WY)

Bob and Joni Harlan, Harlan Livestock (WY)

Joe and Carolyn Harper, Allegheny Farms (WV)

Coleen Hawker (UT)

Marlin Helming, Helming Hampshires (CO)

Dwight Heser (MT)

Hollenbecks, Bluebell Sheep Co. (MT)

John Hotchkiss, Hotchkiss Ranches Inc. (CO)

Fred Itcaina, Matador Ranch Inc. (MT)

Francisco and Miguel Iturriria, I & M Sheep Co. (CA)

Matt and Sandra Jarvis, Jarvis Sheep Co. (UT)

Burdell and Theo Johnson, Diamond J Livestock (ND)

Claire Jones, Bar 7 Ranch (TX)

Jan Klecker, Klecker Ranch Inc. (CO)

Henry and Robin Krebs (OR)

Bob, Marie, Ben and Jamie Lehfeldt, Lehfeldt Rambouillets (MT)

Joe and Sylvia Manterola, Manterola Sheep Co. Inc. (AZ)

Randy and Vernita Marton, Marton Ranch Inc. (WY)

Max and Joyce Matthews (SD)

Michael and Janet Mawhinney, Mawhinney Mountain Dorsets (PA)

Angus and Margaret McColl, Yocom-McColl Testing Laboratories Inc. (CO)

Ken and Phyllis McKamey, McKamey Ranch Co. (MT)

Daniel and Shannon Mickel, Mickel Brothers Sheep Co. (UT)

Matt and Brenda Mickel, Mickel Brothers Sheep Co. (UT)

Brant Miller (ME)

Gary Miller, DJ Miller Ranches Inc. (OR)

Jim and Georgia Moore, Moore Ranch Co. (WY)

Ron and Elizabeth Moss (ID)

Larry and Sandra Nelson (SD)

Joanne Nissen (CA)

Jw and Thea Nuckolls, Nuckolls Ranch Ltd. (WY)

Ohio Sheep Improvement Association

Bob Orwick and Ida Mae Orwick, Orwick Ranch LLP (SD)

Pete and Rama Paris (NV)

Burton and Pattie Pfliger (ND)

Philp Sheep Co. (WY)

Don Pickett, Pickett Ranch & Sheep Co. (ID)

Larry and Madge Pilster (MT)

Craig and Doelene Pitt, Pitt Family Columbias (UT)

Johnny and Claire Powell and Margo Smith, Wineglass Ranch (TX)

Joe Pozzi, Joe Pozzi Livestock (CA)

Jewell Reed, Reed Land & Livestock (WY)

Warren and Carla Roberts, Open Heart Ranch (CO)

Ward and Lynn Rouse, Rouse Farms (OR)

Jerry and Louis Schmidt, Schmidt Ranch / Colorado Woolens (CO)

Steve and Dianne Schreier, Schreier Farms (MN)

Maurice and Karen Short, Bullseye Ranch (OR)

Bill and Susan Shultz, Bunker Hill Farm (OH)

Andree Soares, Star Creek Land Stewardes (CA)

Bill and Margie Sparrow (NC)

Vernon and Marsha Spykerman (IA)

Art Stackhouse and Wendy Johnston, Stackhouse Ranch (CA)

Joel Stamatakis (UT)

W Keith and Kathy Stumbo, Down Valley Farm (NY)

Art and Jill Swannack, Feustel Farms Inc. (WA)

Francis and Lorana Sweet, Valley View Ranch (CA)

Oliver and Sharon Tafelmeyer (ND)

Larry and Lora Tauck, L & L Ranch Inc. (MT)

Randy and Amanda Tunby, Tunby Ranch (MT)

Lionel and Michelle Valdez, Rancho De Valdez (CO)

Mike and Luanne Wallewein, Timber Coulee Columbias (MT)

Sandy and Brenda Webster (UT)

Mike Wheeler, Nugget International (TX)

James and Paula Whittaker, Whittaker Two Dot Ranch LLC (ID)

Ray and Jeri Willoughby, Willoughby Ltd. (TX)

Ken and Pauline Wixom, Wixom Livestock (ID)

Bobby and Sherri Zesch, Bar Z Zesch Ranch (TX)

Contributing Members

Derek Carlson (KS)

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Fletcher (WV)

Hilary and Sara Gietzen, Gietzen Sheep Shearing (ND)

Pete and Sarah Gnatkowski, Hall-Gnatkowski (NM)

Tom and Jason Goble (UT)

Steve, Dan and Sam Hampton, Hampton Sheep Co. (WY)

Ron and Sharon Harston (CA)

Lynda German and Polly Hinds, Drift Fence Sheep Co. (WY)

Bob and Jane Leer, Knot Ewe Farm (KY)

Ansel Luxford, Luxford Ranch (MT)

New Mexico Woolgrowers Auxiliary

David and Roxie Niemi, Niemi Ranch (SD)

Ray Okelberry, Okelberry Ranch (UT)

A Richard and Helen Osmond, Osmond Rambouillet (UT)

Robert Padula (MN)

Raymond and Alice Perez, Ramon Perez Ranch Inc. (NM)

David and Barbara Powers (KS)

Randy and Julie Rife, Rife Shropshires (OH)

Charles and Nancy Stegall (TX)

Rex and Birdie Streets (MT)

Raymond and Teresa Talbott, Talbott Sheep Co. (CA)