Past Convention Presentations

2018 ASI Convention Presentations

Wednesday Executive Board Meeting

Why is Now the Ideal Time to Expand On-farm OPPv Eradication
Dr. Cindy Wolf, ASI Animal Health Committee

Thursday State Executives/Contacts Meeting

Tri-Lamb Young Leader Update
Karissa Maneotis, Tri-Lamb Young Leader

Thursday Genetic Stakeholders Committee

Genetic Stakeholder Committee Update
Tomy Boyer and Dr. Ron Lewis

Incorporation of Genomic Information into Genetic Evaluation: U.S. Beef Industry as a Model
Larry Kuehn, USDA ARS, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center

Thursday Animal Health

National Scrapie Eradication Program Update
Dr. Diane Sutton, USDA/APHIS

Mycoplasma Ovis Research
Dr. Maggie Highland, USDA/ARS

Research Updates on Malignant Catarrhal Fever
Dr. Cristina Cunha, USDA/ARS

Footvax Use in the United States
Erica Sanko, California Wool Growers Association

Innovations in Parasite Research
Dr. Joan Burke, USDA/ARS

Thursday National Sheep Improvement Program

Update and Panel
Dr. Ron Lewis, Dr. Jason Osterstock, Ben Pjesar and Micah Wells

Thursday Production, Education, and Research Council

Range and Animal Science Research in Texas
Dr. John Walker, Texas AgriLife

NWRC - Predator Research Facility Update - Livestock Working Dogs
Dr. Julie Young, USDA/APHIS/WS

National Wildlife Resource Center Update
Dr. Larry Clark, USDA/APHIS/WS

Evaluation of Three Maternal Lines Under Pasture Management
Dr. Brad Freking, USDA/MARC

Increasing Ewe Production Efficiency: Leveraging Ewe Lambs to Increase Flock Lambing Rates
Dr. Bret Taylor, USDA/ARS

Thursday Wool Council

Marketing and Technical Services Update
Roy Kettlewell, ASI Wool Consultant

Update on Marketing Wool Domestically and Internationally
Goetz Giebel, ASI Wool Consultant

Raw Wool Services Update
Dr. Lisa Surber, ASI Wool Consultant

Friday Lamb Council

Nourish With Lamb - 2018 Nutrition Education Program
Megan Wortman and Allison Beadle

Lamb Market Outlook
David Anderson, Texas AgriLife

Update on Mandatory Price Reporting
Erica Sanko, California Wool Growers Association

Defining "Lamb" Maturity
Dr. Travis Hoffman, North Dakota State University

Friday Wool Council and Wool Roundtable

Report on Wool Marketing and Trends
Goetz Giebel, ASI Wool Consultant

Wool: From Fiber to Fashion
Roy Kettlewell, ASI Wool Consultant

American Wool in the 2018 Olympics
Jeanne Carver, Imperial Stock Ranch

Responsibility in Wool Production Update
Dr. Lisa Surber, ASI Wool Consultant

USDA-AMS Wool Market Update
Chris Dias, USDA-AMS, LPGMN Reporter

Feast and Famine: The Situation and Prospect of the World Wool Market
Chris Wilcox, Poimena Analysis

ASI Market News App
Chris Dias, USDA-AMS, LPGMN Reporter

Friday Let's Grow

GM1 Sheep Production for Huntington's Disease
Larry and Sue Holler, Dakota Lamb Producers

Friday Young Entrepreneurs Meeting

Pelt and Byproduct Values
Erica Sanko, California Wool Growers Association

Friday Board of Directors Informational Session

Retailers Expectations of Lamb
Brad Graham, Mountain States Rosen

ASI Legislative Update
Jim Richards, Cornerstone Government Affairs

Feed Your Adventurous Side
Chairman Jim Percival, American Lamb Board

Cost of Production Comparison and Economic Tools for Sheep
Bridger Fuez, Livestock Marketing Specialist, University of Wyoming Extension

Wool: The "New" Performance Fiber
Roy Kettlewell, ASI Wool Consultant

Saturday Board of Directors Meeting

Let the Good Times Roll? Global Situation and Outlook for Sheep Meat and Wool
Chris Wilcox, Poimena Analysis

Wool Marketing Worldwide
Goetz Giebel, ASI Wool Consultant

Untapped Crop Insurance Opportunities for Ranchers
Brandon Willis and Burdell Johnson

Update on Let's Grow! Program
Susan Schultz, Let's Grow Committee Chair

ASI Wool Council Update
Ken Wixom, ASI Wool Council Chair

Production, Research and Education Council Update
Jimmy Parker, PERC Co-Chair

National Sheep Industry Improvement Center
Steve Lee, Executive Director, NSIIC

2017 ASI Convention Presentations

VFD and Dr. Grandin videos from the 2017 ASI Annual Meeting are available on the ASI YouTube Channel at SheepUSA1

Thursday Genetic Stakeholders, Animal Health and PERC Meetings

NSIP vs Non-NSI Sires
Reid Redden, Ph.D., Texas A&M

Genetic Trends Over Time with Breeds on NSIP
Rusty Burgett, NSIP Program Director

Scrapie Eradication Program Update
Diane Sutton, DVM, USDA/APHIS/VS

Medically Important Antimicrobials in Animal Agriculture - Sheep
Mike Murphy DVM, JD, Ph.D., DABVT, DABT; Veterinary Medical Officer, Office of the Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine, FDA

Animal Health Committee Updates
Cindy Wolf, DVM, and Jim Logan, DVM - Animal Health Committee Co-Chairs

Research Update from the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
Brad A. Freking, Ph.D., USDA, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center

National Wildlife Research Center Update
Larry Clark, Ph.D.

Livestock Protection Dog Update
Julie Young, Ph.D. and Daniel Kinka

Thursday State Executives/Contacts Meeting

Tri Lamb AUS/NZ Tour
Ryan Mahoney, 2016/17 Tri Lamb Young Leader

Let's Grow Funding and Resources
Alan Culham, Let's Grow Coordinator

Thursday Resource Management Council Meeting

Public Lands Council
Ethan Lane, PLC Executive Director

National Grazing Lands Council Sterring Committee
Ben Lehfeldt, ASI Representative to Grazing Committee

Domestic Small Ruminants & Bighorn Sheep Respiratory Disease Research
M. A. Highland, DVM, DACVP, PhDc; USDA-ARS Animal Disease Research Unit

Control of Infectious Diseases
Don Knowles, DVM, Ph.D.; USDA-ARS Animal Disease Research Unit

Thursday and Friday Wool Council Meetings

State of Objective Measurement Industry
Angus McColl, Yoco-McColl Testing Laboratories

World Wool Market, 2017
Goetz Giebel, ASI Wool Consultant

Business in China
Kitty Gu, ASI Wool Consultant

Responsible Wool Standard Update
Lisa Surber, Ph.D., ASI Wool Consultant

Agriculture Marketing Service Report
Chris Dias, AMS Market Reporter

Friday Lamb Council and American Lamb Board Meeting

Food Service Trends and American Lamb
Mary Humann, American Lamb Board

Lamb Quality / Flavor Researcj
Karissa Maneotis, Colorado State University

Livestock Mandatory Reporting
Erica Sanko and USDA/AMS

Instrument Augmented Lamb Grading Status of the Industry
Willie Horne, Ph.D., USDA/AMS

Lamb Market: Situation and Outlook
James Robb, Director, Livestock Marketing Information Center

Friday Legislative Action Council Meeting

Best Practices and Federal Overview
Jim Richards, Cornerstone Government Affairs, Washington, D.C.

Friday Let's Grow Committee Meeting

Leading Edge Sheep Producers
Tom Boyer (Utah) and Brandon Bitner (Utah)

Use of Electronic ID to Enhance Lamb Productivity & Value-Based Marketing
Reid Redden, Ph.D. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Brad Anderson, Mountain States Rosen

S.D. Post Weaning Lamb Performance Program
Dave Ollila, SDSU Extension and Jeff Held, Ph.D., SDSU Extension

Fine Wool Consortium
Ben Lehfeldt and Rusty Burgett, NSIP Program Director

Grass Based Pipestone in the Southeast
Shawn Hadley

Friday Board of Directors Informational Session

Veterinary Feed Directives for the Sheep Industry -- How Did We Get Here? And What Do We Do Now?
Meg Oeller, DVM - Director, Office of Minor Use & Minor Species, FDA, Center for Veterinary Medicine
Watch the presentation video on ASI's YouTube Channel at SheepUSA1

Farm to Feet
Kelly Nester - Nester Hosiery

Twizel, Inc.
John Fernsell - Twizel, Inc.

What is a brand?
John Bellina - Brand Juice

Political Discussion, or…What the heck happened???
Jim Richards - Cornerstone Government Affairs

Tri-Lamb Young Leaders
Brad Osguthorpe – Utah
Karissa Maneotis – Colorado
Katie Olagaray – Kansas/California
Ryan Mahoney – California

Friday and Saturday ASI Young Entrepreneurs Sessions

Crossbreeding to Improve Productivity
Dave Notter, Ph.D., Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

Social Networking and Your Flock
Emily Buck, Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Transition Planning is Optional - Well, Kinda!!!
David Specht, Family Dynamics National Development Manager

Tri-lamb Young Leaders
Brad Osguthorpe - Utah
Katie Olagaray - Kansas
Kariss Maneotis - Colorado
Ryan Mahoney - California

Saturday Board of Directors Meeting

Conducting a proof of concept for differentiating the inherent differences in flavor that exists among American lamb using volatile flavor compound analysis.
Karissa Maneotis, Colorado State University

American Sheep Industry Incident Management (ie. Emergency Response)
Linda A. Detwiler, DVM

2017 Face of Farming and Ranching
Emily Buck, Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Responsible Animal Care
Rita Kourlis Samuelson, ASI Director of Wool Marketing

Responsible Wool Standard
Lisa Surber, Ph.D., ASI Raw Wool Service

National Sheep Industry Improvement Center Update
Steve Lee, NSIIC Executive Director

National Lamb Feeders Association Update
Bob Harlan, NLFA President

National Livestock Producers Association Update
Scott Stuart, NLPA Executive Director

Let's Grow Committee Update
Susan Shultz, Let's Grow Chair