“Our Lets Grow Program is a Great way to Find positive ways to Break traditional ways of doing business, to make better the Industry that we ALL Love and want to make money doing! We MUST find ways to keep up with a changing world market and our Committee’s focus is to help lead us into the future!”

Mike Corn, N.M.


Let’s Grow Mission: To support, promote and ensure the U.S. sheep industry's future through the development of innovative and sustainable initiatives that increase the productivity, profitability and growth of the American sheep industry, which will further enhance domestic wool and lamb production.

All questions about the Let's Grow program activities can be directed to the Program Coordinator, Alan Culham, at alan@sheepusa.org or 517-896-7378.

Upcoming Events

Improving Lamb Marketing, Quality, & Profitability Workshops
California Wool Growers Association is hosting four interactive workshops focusing on improving lamb marketing and quality, as well as producer profitability, by applying innovative management practices, including seasonal lambing systems, genetic selection, best management practices, ultrasound technology to pregnancy check ewes, employing teaser rams to increase ewe efficiency, and adopting specialized feeding programs designed to shorten or extend marketing periods.

Registration cost - $25 members, $35 non members.
Deadline to register - January 8, 2018
To register, contact the CWGA office (916) 444-8122 or info@woolgrowers.org

  • MON January 15, 2018 Ecthamendy Sheep Co. - Bakersfield, CA
  • TUE January 16, 2018 Emigh Livestock – Rio Vista, CA
  • WED January 17, 2018 Chico State University – Chico, CA
  • THU January 18, 2018 Hopland Research & Extension Center – Hopland, CA

Let’s Grow Meeting

ASI Convention – San Antonio, TX

  • FRI February 2. 2018 - 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.