A variety of resources and materials are available for you to learn about the Let’s Grow campaign. Whether you are new to the industry or wanting to participate in the program, you will find some valuable information here regarding sheep production. All questions about the Let's Grow program activities can be directed to the Program Coordinator, Alan Culham, at or 517-896-7378.

Click here to access the main Let's Grow Resources page on ASI's website.
In 2012, Optimal Ag Consulting, Inc., prepared the First Edition of the Sheep Education Catalog. It has since been revised by authors Jay Parsons and Gerilyn Parsons. This project was a joint effort between the Let's Grow Program and the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center.

The Resource Manual includes sections for Online / Distance Learning, Onsite Learning Courses and Other Educational Materials.

This resource is available by clicking on Sheep Education Catalog .
This reference handbook, covering the basics of sheep production, is for beginner and experienced sheep producers alike. Topics include Sheep Breeding, Forages, Handling, Health, Management, Marketing, Nutrition, Predator Control, Quality Assurance, Reproduction, Sheep Care, Wool, and Contact Lists for State Extension Personnel, State Extension Veterinarians and State Animal Health Officers.

ASI is a federation of 45 state sheep associations as well as individual members. To access your state association, go to

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