Wildlife Services -- Photo Gallery

Livestock suffer when attacked by predators. The pictures included in this section portray some of the damage affected on livestock when predators attack. These photos are courtesy of Guy Connelly and Wildlife Services.

Ewe wearing a Livestock Protection Collar.

Coyote approaches lamb.

Coyote approaching several sheep. The sheep appear to be cornered next to a wire fence.

Two coyotes attack a single lamb.

Coyote with a typical throat hold on a lamb. It is holding the lamb by the throat choking off the lamb's windpipe, waiting for the lamb to soffocate.

Another coyote attacking a lamb.

Coyote takes lamb down.

Coyote protects its kill.

Devistation left behind after coyotes attack flock.

Ewe is killed by coyote, leaving two young lambs.

Coyote kills guard dog.

Coyote kill.

Coyote attack damage.

This Angora nanny exhibits the results of a coyote attack at the rear.