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The sheep industries insurance company, Casualty Underwriters Insurance Company, is in the process of developing a Livestock Protection Dog Liability Insurance Policy for the sheep industry. The purpose of the policy is to cover the working dogs (guardian dogs and herding dogs) that are generally excluded from the typical farm/ranch or home owner’s liability coverages.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association and the National Canine Research Council, over $400 million is paid annually in all dog-liability claims in the United States with the average claim being approximately $29,000.

It is the intent of the sheep industry’s Livestock Protection Dog Liability Insurance Program to include claims defense so that the industry can develop an expert claim-defense legal team to be used nationwide. It is expected that the coverage would include all working dogs and not require specific dog identification. While not fully developed, there would be underwriting criteria, such as proximity to the sheep/flock and the dog’s physical condition.

To develop such a policy/program, specific data is needed. To assist in the development of a Livestock Protection Dog Liability Insurance Policy for livestock producers, please complete the following confidential survey. Surveys must be returned by May 20, 2015.

Recommended Best Management Practices for Livestock Protection Dogs - Revised January 2011

October 2010: Livestock Protection Dogs Video

Over the last several decades, predator management and livestock protection tools available to the sheep industry have been significantly curtailed and completely eliminated in some circumstances. With the loss of traditional management tools, livestock protection dogs have become an extremely important means to reduce predator attacks on sheep.

July 2010 - ASI Response to BLM on LPD Program

February 2010 - BLM Response to LPD Program

Dog trialing season starts in Western Colorado -- The Fence Post -- A story about Livestock Protection Dogs

Signs and brochures informing recreationalists about the presence of livestock protection dogs (LPD) and grazing sheep guarded by LPDs are now available to download from the USDA, APHIS website.

To download the poster, go to Poster .
To download the brochure, go to Brochure .