Spreading the Love of American Lamb
April 6, 2012

In celebration of Lamb Lovers Month in February, fans shared their love of lamb through the American Lamb Board's consumer recipe contest. Dan Brown from Boston, Mass., won this year's contest with his inspiring lamb love letter and romantic Mediterranean lamb taco. His recipe is available at http://fansoflamb.com/contests. 
Dan Brown's A Versatile Love 
Over the past three years my love for you has grown strong 
A perfect partner, I had searched for so long 
Who else could complement all my personality traits 
But farm raised lamb from the United States 
The fiery passion of the apricot-habanera gastrique 
Clashes with the cool cucumber tzatziki, a dichotomy truly unique 
The jicama and apple slaw is a Jekyll to your hide 
While my warmhearted mint pico de gallo is a source of pride 
A dusting of cumin, coriander and turmeric are what we dream of 
Ewe and my accoutrements wrapped in grilled Nan, a blanket of love 
A decadent balance our relationship does consist 
But when it comes to Ewe, I cannot wait for our next tryst