Separate Texas Fine Wools; They May be Worth More
April 13, 2012

The severe drought in Texas this year caused a shift in sheep production. Many producers throughout the country stepped up to help the Texas sheep producers by working out pasture leases, flock leases and even purchase agreements to keep Texas genetics in production. 
Traditionally, Texas sheep are known to have finer-micron wool than sheep from some other regions and that fine wool is in demand. Therefore, with this year's record wool prices, the American Wool Council (AWC) stresses that as the shearing season continues, producers who bought or are managing these flocks should handle this wool differently than their traditional clip. This practice could increase the value of the wool if from quality sheep with fine-wool genetics. The companies that traditionally buy the Texas-type wools from specific customers will want to continue to gather these wools even though they are no longer calling the Lone Star State home. 
"Producers should note that finer-micron wools of some volume can bring a higher value if they are prepared properly and separated. In addition, we want to keep these finer-wool genetics in production and the wools in the market because they are vital for export and some of the military contracts, which are important to our industry," says Larry Pilster, chair of the AWC.