McDonald's Adding Lamb to Menu
August 10, 2012

McDonald's Australia has announced it will add the lamb burger to its menu across the country next week, after 18 months of developing the "home-style" recipe. 
The Serious Lamb Burger will cost $7.95 and a $3 wrap version called The Serious Lamb Taster will also be available. 
Fairfax restaurant critic Terry Durack, who included a fish burger and a veggie burger in his list of the 10 best burgers in Sydney in the June edition of the(sydney)magazine, said plenty of burger chains were veering from the standard beef burger. 
Durack said McDonald's has to compete with new ideas from burger bars popping up around Australia. 
"Hamburgers have come on in leaps and strides and their old offerings are now looking a bit tired and a bit has-been and I think they have to see how they can try and catch up."