Horse Processing Plants Returning to U.S.
February 10, 2012

Horse processing plants could soon be operating in the United States following a five-year hiatus. 
The nation's lawmakers effectively banned horse slaughter on U.S. soil in 2006 by preventing the U.S. Department of Agriculture from using federal funds to inspect kill houses. Congress lifted that de facto ban in a spending bill signed into law back in November. 
Equine veterinarian from Clyde Park, Mont., Lisa Jacobson, DVM, said despite the push for horse processing facilities, she has her doubts. 
"There's not a business that is going to look at the horse slaughter model and say it's worth building a plant here in the United States or here in Montana," Jacobson said. 
Former Montana legislator Ed Butcher has crafted state laws in favor of horse processing and is currently pushing to get plants up and running across the nation and in the region.