Socks Overboard!
February 17, 2012

Those of you who had the opportunity to attend the January 2012 American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) Convention in Arizona heard about the thriving sock-knitting industry in the United States. Samples of socks made in America using superwashed wool were available and impressed convention participants. "All American" and "Made in America" were common themes brought up by the textile officials who were genuinely proud to be able to use those tag lines in reference to their socks. 
Wigwam Mills Inc. has been working with ASI to build a washable wool sock for the military and also knits many other wool socks. To order any of the Wigwam socks, a search for a retailer near you can be completed or socks can be purchased from a variety of online vendors by going to 
Another American wool sock manufacturer is Crescent Socks. Sam's Club stocks Crescent's Omni wool sock in three-pair bundles. Two other sock brands manufactured by Crescent include Fits Sock ( and Jacks Socks ( 
Finally, the Alabama Meat Goat and Sheep Producers Association stepped into the sock arena a few years ago knitting socks made from Alabama wool. These socks can be purchased for $6 a pair by contacting Charlie Thompson at 256-229-6929 or email