McClure Talks Sheep with the President
February 24, 2012

In its more than 200-year history, the White House has hosted countless foreign dignitaries, Medal of Honor recipients, Super Bowl winners, and now it has also hosted Dyersburg (Tenn.) High School's (DHS) very own Maryanna McClure. The DHS senior was invited to participate in the second annual White House science fair. McClure was also one of 10 students invited to present her project to President Obama. 
McClure's project titled, "Natural Color or White, the Genes Will Decide," is based on her breeding and developing colors and fleece types in her Cotswold sheep. McClure explained that with only 2,500 Cotswold sheep registered in the United States and the natural color (meaning anything but white) being extremely rare, people are willing to pay just about anything for natural-color wool because it is so rare. Not only is the natural color rare, but it creates a beautiful blend of colors rather than one solid color according to McClure, increasing its value with fabric makers. 
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Reprinted in part from Dyersburg State Gazette