ALB Survey Deadline July 9
June 29, 2012

The American Lamb Board's (ALB) survey of lamb production practices across the nation must be completed by July 9. 
This survey will provide the ALB with accurate data that can be used to support the lamb industry and strengthen its reputation with U.S. consumers. It will provide information about the financial, environmental and social impacts of lamb production, and it will be used by the ALB to identify opportunities and risks for the long-term health of the industry to guide strategic decisions about how to best support lamb producers. 
The survey will take between 30-45 minutes to complete; for convenience, you can exit the survey and return to finish it at a later time. Participants can add or change answers until the "Submit" button is pressed. 
To begin the survey, go to 
The greater the response, the more credible the information and the better the ALB can help the industry in its quest for continued economic viability. All answers will remain confidential.