Iowa Legislature Passes Undercover Video Bill
March 2, 2012

A bill passed the Iowa State Legislature this week intending to make it more difficult to record undercover video in livestock operations. 
If the governor signs the bill into law, Iowa will join Montana, North Dakota and Kansas in enacting what activists call "ag gag" laws, which criminalize undercover photography or video inside animal farms. 
The new law would make it a serious misdemeanor to falsify a job application in order to gain access to a farm facility. Those found guilty would face up to a year in jail and up to $1,500 in fines. Repeated offenses would be labeled an aggravated felony and carry jail time of up to two years and fines of up to $5,000. 
The bill passed in the Senate with a 40-10 vote and in the House where it was approved with a vote of 69-28. 
Several other states including Illinois, Missouri, Utah, New York, Nebraska, Indiana and Minnesota are considering similar legislation.