Majority of Children Don't Know Where Food Comes From
March 9, 2012

A survey of Australian school children shows the majority have no idea where their food and fiber comes from. The survey of 1,000 students in years six and 10 was commissioned by the Primary Industries Education Foundation. 
It will be used to push for the inclusion of primary industry material in the new National Curriculum. 
The foundation's Ben Stockwin says the survey found that three quarters of year six students thought that cotton socks came from animals, not plants. 
"By year 10, that had only dropped to 61 percent. So 61 percent of year 10 students still thought it was an animal product," he said. "The rural sector, the primary industry sector is under threat from many areas, water scarcity, food security, climate variability. If the community's going to have these debates, it's got to be an informed debate." 
Reprinted from ABC Rural, AU