Bill Would Stop DOL's Farm Labor Proposal
March 16, 2012

Iowa Rep. Tom Latham has introduced legislation that will block, what he calls, Washington's attack on America's long-standing family farm tradition, family youth labor. Latham's bill blocks recent attempts by the Department of Labor (DOL) to outlaw farm youth from working on their family-owned farms. Latham believes these regulations are a misguided idea that threatens the ability of America's youth to contribute work on farms owned by their own families. 
Latham says, "My legislation blocks Washington's regulation monster from yet another intrusion into the operations of our family farms." 
The legislation, the Preserving America's Family Farms Act, bars the DOL from implementing any regulation that would prohibit farm youth from working on farms owned by their families. The bill would restrict finalization of the rule the department proposed in September of 2011. 
Reprinted from NAFB News Service