Lamb Served at NATO Dinner
May 18, 2012

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit will include two high-profile dinners on Sunday, with each requiring the utmost attention to detail. 
President Barack Obama will host a dinner at Soldier Field for members of G8 countries who will be in town for NATO. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will hold court at the Field Museum with leaders of some 85 countries and numerous chief executive officers of corporate sponsors of the summit. 
Emanuel requested Carrie Nahabedian, owner and chef of Naha in River North, to prepare the meal for that event. 
"It's a tremendous honor. And I'm excited about the menu. It celebrates the bounty of America," she said, noting the meal will include Great Lakes whitefish, lamb from Colorado, Chicago-based Red Hen bread and chocolate from San Francisco. 
NATO officials organizing the event went back and forth on the menu, wondering whether duck, chicken or beef would be a better choice. They decided on the lamb, which Nahabediam describes as "just stunning." 
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