Missouri Passes Ag-Gag Bill
May 25, 2012

Missouri has become the latest state to pass a new law that prohibits taking photographs or videos on farms without permission. 
The Missouri Senate passed a bill (SB 631) that imposes a time limit for reporting photos and video of animal abuse. The law requires that witnesses who possess evidence of animal abuse report the evidence to law enforcement within 24 hours. 
"Under the act, employees of animal agricultural operations who videotape what they suspect is animal abuse must provide the recording to a law enforcement agency within 24 hours. Any such recordings must not be edited in any way. An intentional violation of the act is a Class A misdemeanor," according to the law. 
Dubbed as "ag-gag" legislation, it's the industry's latest response to the rash of secret videotapes in production facilities by animal activist groups. In March, Utah became the second state after Iowa to pass such laws. 
Reprinted in part from Meatingplace.com