ALB Receives Grant to Build Demand for American Lamb
November 2, 2012

The American Lamb Board (ALB) will manage a project designed to reverse the decline in demand for American lamb that is funded by a 2012 National Sheep Industry Improvement Center Grant and the lamb checkoff. ALB will be working with a committee representing various stakeholders (industry sectors and organizations) to oversee this project. ALB and other industry leaders recognize that it is a vital time to seek outside expertise to help assess critical components of the industry to improve the system and identify meaningful strategies and solutions for stakeholders that will contribute to a more viable domestic industry that will be competitive with imports, sustainable and profitable in the future. 
Phase I of the project is an industry-wide assessment study to evaluate the issues throughout the entire chain of production. This phase will look to identify opportunities for reversing the decline in demand for American lamb in the United States, thus improving the overall structure of the industry to be more responsive and proactive to the needs of its customers and reducing the industry's volatility. The goal of the study is to develop resources and strategies to present to industry stakeholders in an effort to build consensus for change and significant industry improvements to: 
1. assist the industry in developing a more secure and profitable future for all industry segments; 
2. build supply and demand for American lamb products; and 
3. enable the industry to deliver consistent, high-quality products year round. 
ALB is now soliciting proposals from organizations to conduct the study. For a copy of the request for proposal, please contact Megan Wortman at 
Phase II of the project will be industry outreach. After the industry assessment is completed, ALB will work with other industry organizations and stakeholders to host either a single industry summit or a series of regional summits to provide an opportunity to report the strategic concepts from the study and facilitate open communication and discussion. The summit's purpose would be to foster all sectors working together on common goals and to build a foundation to implement a go-forward, industry-focused initiative to drive demand and ensure a profitable future for all sectors of the industry. 
The information from the assessment study will also be broadly disseminated through published reports, fact sheets, industry publications and websites.