Processing Industry Reaches All-time Best Safety Mark
November 9, 2012

Newly-released Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data showed a new low in non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses in the meat and poultry processing industry. 
In 2011, there were 6.4 cases of occupational injuries and illnesses per 100 workers in the meat and poultry sector, compared to 6.9 in 2010 - down 7.2 percent. In addition, the industry's recordable position versus the overall manufacturing sector improved by more than 11 percent. The manufacturing sector rate remained unchanged from 2010. 
Historic BLS data reveal that the meat and poultry industry has shown continuous improvement over the years, halving the injury and illness rate from 14.7 per 100 workers a decade ago. 
The BLS worker safety statistics are available at 
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