2012 Research Journal Articles Uploaded
November 30, 2012

New articles have been uploaded to the American Sheep Industry Association's (ASI) Sheep and Goat Research Journal for 2012. The full articles are available by clicking on the Research Journal tab at www.sheepusa.org. 
Effects of Supplemental Dried Distillers Grains or Soybean Hulls on Growth and Internal Parasites Status of Grazing Lambs written by T.L. Felix, I. Susin, L.M. Shoup, A.E. Radunz and S.C. Loerch. The objectives of this study were to determine the effects of supplementation of grazing lambs with dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) or soybean hulls (SBH) on growth rate and nematode-parasite status. Supplementation of grazing lambs with DDGS in this study allowed for increased growth, reduced anthelmintic-treatment rate and reduced risk of becoming anemic as a result of internal parasites. 
Performance of Meat Goats Control-Grazed on Winter Annual Grasses written by J-M. Luginbuhl and J.P. Mueller. The performance of yearling replacement does and castrated male goats controlled grazed on cereal rye, annual ryegrass (RG) and triticale was evaluated during a three-year study. Results indicated that yearling goats achieved satisfactory body weight gains when fed only on these forages under controlled, rotational-grazing management, but that RG resulted in significantly greater body weight gains per hectare. 
Research Symposium Utilization of Genomic Information for the Sheep Industry moderated by Larry R. Miller. During the ASI Annual Convention in Scottsdale, Ariz., January 26, 2012, a research symposium titled Utilization of Genomic Information for the Sheep Industry was co-sponsored by ASI and the American Sheep and Goat Center (ASGC).
Especially in the past two decades, volumes of new genomic and genetic information have been generated by means of new research approaches, techniques and tools. This information created a challenge to harness, interpret and utilize the wealth of new genomic/genetic information by drawing upon disciplines, such as biochemistry, genetics, statistics, computer science, animal breeding and several other sciences associated with the biology of the animal.