Renewable Fuels Standard Repeal Unlikely
October 12, 2012

While two bills in Congress call for some reform of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) that mandates ethanol production rates, mostly from corn, it is unlikely the standard will be repealed, Rep. John Kingston (Ga.) told members of the National Chicken Conference at their annual conference. 
While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched the 30-day comment period on Aug. 20 in response to petitions calling for RFS reform, he noted there would be no EPA decision until the week after the election in November. 
Of the two bills currently in Congress, one calls for a waiver of the RFS when crops are short and corn supplies are tight, while the other calls for the standard to be repealed. 
Kingston predicted that while there may be some pushback on the standard, he does not think Congress would be able to get the RFS repealed. 
"The environmental lobby in Washington is very strong," he said. 
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