Business as Usual for Slaughtering American Horses in Canada
October 19, 2012

The temporary shutdown of Canadian horse slaughter last week Friday morning still has not produced any definitive reasons as to why American horses were turned away and their brokers, killbuyers and drivers told to go home. The ban on horse slaughter, however, was short lived. On Monday, Canada's horse slaughter plants announced they would be open for business again by Tuesday. 
Reports from the European Union (EU), killbuyers and slaughter plants handed down conflicting reports. 
One source allegedly in contact with an official from the EU stated there was some confusion over paperwork concerning incorrectly certified meat citing a "documentation insufficiency." Another source revealed that killbuyers reported the slaughter houses closed their doors as a warning to American horse sellers to make sure veterinary records and quarantine requirements were being met. 
Reprinted in part from care2