O'Hare Looking for a Few Good Sheep
September 21, 2012

Help wanted: One shepherd with at least 25 sheep. Goatherds also welcome to apply. Must be able to tolerate the roar of jet planes overhead. 
It's certainly not the typical contract the city puts out for bid for O'Hare International Airport but the city's aviation department is indeed looking to hire a herder with animals to graze areas at the airport that have become overgrown with grass, weeds and other vegetation. 
Interested herders must provide a mobile electronic fence to keep the animals from wandering anywhere near the runways. The 100-acre area is costly to maintain because it is hard to get to and requires special heavy machinery, which is expensive and not environmentally friendly because of the fuel it burns. 
Five potential vendors already have been identified, and the department hopes the three-week pilot program can get started before the weather gets too cold. Interested candidates for the herding gig must apply by Sept. 24. 
Reprinted in part from Chicago Sun Times