Sheep Flock Bryant Park
September 28, 2012

New Yorkers got to see something rare within city limits Thursday: farm animals grazing on grass. 
In cooperation with the American Sheep Industry Association, thirty sheep were brought from Meadowland farm upstate New York to Bryant Park as part of the Campaign for Wool, an initiative Prince Charles of Wales started in 2008 to tout the advantages of sheep worldwide. 
The event, advertised as "Woolen Wonderland," included a plexiglas pen of 30 sheep, a wool sculpture created within the fountain, seats that were covered with wool slips and trees that were decked out in wool art. There were also information booths to explain the benefits of the wooly mammal. 
"We have had a huge turnout today," said Tom Colyer, vice chair of the American Wool Council. "The response of the New York residents has been incredible." 
Colyer added: "The purpose of today was to raise visibility for wool as a fiber in all its applications. We want to bring the American sheep industry back." 
He estimated hundreds of people came to Bryant Park to peep at the sheep. 
This event was a part of the Campaign for Wool's Wool Week, a seven-day event intended to educate the public on the natural benefits of wool. 
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