Superior Announces Leadership Change
April 5, 2013

Leadership announced that effective March 29, Edward Jenks no longer serves as chief executive officer (CEO) and president of Transhumance Holding Company, Inc. (THCI), better known to the sheep industry as Superior Farms. Jenks provided THCI with an important transition (originally as a consultant and then as CEO) during a volatile time in the sheep industry. He refined the company's leadership to take advantage of future opportunities and renewed direction. Jenks and the company mutually have agreed to part ways following this transition, and Jenks now moves on to new opportunities. 
The board of directors of THCI is in the process of identifying and ultimately selecting a new CEO and president. In the interim, THCl's experienced management team, in conjunction with the board, will continue to maintain forward momentum and continuity in the operation of the company's business. 
Reprinted from Transhumance Press Release