The Beer that Tastes like Roast Lamb
December 20, 2013

A Conwy brewer has created a unique tasting beer with Welsh lamb as the key ingredient - and it's been aptly named the Sunday Toast. 
Gwynne Thomas, of Conwy Brewery in Llysfaen, Wales, used juice from the meat and mixed it with the water and sugar in the fermenting process to make his specialty beer. 
It does, he says, combine the appealing aromas of a Sunday roast with the rich, warming character of a 'winter warmer' style ale. Based on their Telford Porter, which is a Victorian style Porter made with roasted malts, the brewery slow roasted the Welsh Lamb to enhance its natural flavor and tenderness, before adding the dissolved meat juices. 
Thomas, who has produced only a few bottles so far, is considering whether to brew it for the public. 
He said, "Seasonal beers are a specialty of ours, but we wanted to do something really different this Christmas to celebrate one of our country's biggest exports. 
Reprinted in part from the Daily Post