Nester Hosiery Launches American Wool Sock
January 11, 2013

Nester Hosiery will partner with Pale Morning Media for the debut of its independent performance brand, Farm to Feet™. 
The performance sock brand, Farm to Feet™, is 100-percent sourced in the United States and will debut men's and women's hike and hunt lines. The socks will provide the highest level of comfort, durability and performance and will include bright, dynamic designs, with retail prices ranging from $18 to $30 per pair. Key features in all Farm to Feet™ socks include a heel to arch sculpted performance fit, seamless toe closures and 22.5 micron U.S. merino grade wool. 
"With soaring demand for American-made quality, we simply felt it was time to put our best foot forward," said Kelly Nester, Nester Hosiery president. "American sheep industry ranchers raise our merino grade wool and the rest of the manufacturing processes take place within a few hundred miles of our knitting facility. Additionally, all nylons, elastics, packaging and in-store merchandizing displays are produced within that same footprint. For performance merino socks it doesn't get more local than that."