U.S. Sock Manufacturer Invests $17.5M
March 15, 2013

An increase in demand for current and new product lines has motivated Renfro Corporation, a Tennessee-based sock manufacturer, to modernize its Cleveland plant and lease additional distribution space at an adjacent facility. Local media reports say the company is making an investment of $17.5 million in equipment and construction and creating 168 jobs over five years to meet demand. 
The company is a leader in designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling legwear products. It is the licensee for leading brands including Fruit of the Loom, Dr. Scholl's, Ralph Lauren/Lauren Polo, Copper Sole, Wrangler, Sperry, Russell, Jerzees, Spalding, Bike and Carhartt. Renfro also owns leading fashion brands K. Bell and Hot Sox.