Wool is Perfect for Summer Fun
April 21, 2017

While you might want to pack away your wool sweaters for the summer, warmer months provide plenty of opportunities to wear the world's most natural, sustainable fiber.

In fact, today's American wool is ideal for summer fun. Fine wool is breathable, wicks away sweat and is naturally odor-resistant in any season. Outdoor apparel companies have long used wool in their fall/winter lines and have come to realize that it's an optimal fabric for all seasons. They've added wool T-shirts, for example, that are ideal as a base layer on a cool morning or as a stand-alone shirt on a warm day. A breathable fabric, the air spaces in wool insulate, but allow moisture to easily pass through. This keeps skin dry and enhances your body's ability to regulate temperature.

American wool's natural crimp provides knitwear with softness and resilience and because wool naturally manages odors and stains, the garment won't need to be washed as often as other fabrics.

Hikers have long understood the value of a great wool sock, which protects against cold, wet conditions. But wool's moisture-wicking properties are great for keeping your feet dry on a warm day, as well. So go ahead, gear up for warm weather fun by adding a variety of American wool garments to your wardrobe.

In an effort to promote American wool among apparel companies and retailers, the American Sheep Industry Association is working with Farm to Feet Hosiery and Chargeurs to produce a five-part series in outdoor publication SNews about the industry, ranchers and the benefits of American wool.