Call to Action on M-44s
April 28, 2017

The American Sheep Industry Association issued a second call to action on Thursday, April 27, in defense of the use of M-44s for the protection of American livestock.

"ASI has not been able to confirm the U.S. Department of Agriculture is modifying the interim policy with severe distance restrictions on use of the M-44 (half a mile from the nearest residence) that makes this tool unusable for many of our members," said the email.

USDA's Wildlife Services cites that 30 to 40 percent of coyotes in a number of key sheep production states are taken through the use of the device, and as high as 90 percent in some states. The M-44 is humane, environmentally sound and target animal-specific. In some states, the device is a sheep producer's most effective option because tree cover and topography prevent the use Wildlife Services' aerial program.

"So far, final guidance on the M-44 following the incident in Idaho has not been released," the email went on to say. "Please take this opportunity to contact your congressional representatives and urge them to contact USDA/APHIS or Sec. Perdue."

Background information on the M-44 is available at