Rebuild Rural Coalition Supports Infrastructure Council
August 4, 2017

Representing more than 200 associations - including the American Sheep Industry Association - the Rebuild Rural Coalition sent a letter today, Aug. 4, to the Trump administration in support of the Presidential Advisory Council on Infrastructure.

The letter encouraged President Trump to "include in the council representatives with specific experience and expertise in rural infrastructure. Your effort to make investment in our nation's infrastructure a priority is critically important and we look forward to working with you to help reinvigorate rural America. It is imperative that this council study and make recommendations regarding the appropriate level of federal and private-sector investment in infrastructure projects impacting both urban and rural America including surface transportation, aviation, locks and dams, ports and waterways, agricultural research, broadband, energy, healthcare, housing and water -- all critical areas of focus our Coalition has raised with the National Economic Council and on Capitol Hill -- throughout this year."