Sheep Wagons: Old West Function, New West Fashion
August 4, 2017

Across the Old West, what was once function is now fashion. Well-worn cowboy boots, spurs, saddles and Stetsons all have a new cachet as collectibles. One man's junk is another man's buffed up treasure. But perhaps unique in this Old West/New West metamorphosis is the desire to preserve and restore historic sheep wagons.

Unlike bridles, saddle blankets or rusty tractors, here's a part of Western Americana that you can fix up, sleep in and haul to hunting camp or just over to the son-in-law's so you can rest peacefully while your newest grandson hoots and hollers in the house.

Historic sheep wagons, the traditional home on the range, have new lives as museum exhibits, extra bedrooms and movable memorials to the agricultural West when millions of sheep grazed public land; well-dressed American males wore wool vests, suits and Fedora hats; and families ate roast lamb for Sunday dinner.

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