Coyote Fur Expected to Sell Well
December 15, 2017

According to Fur-Fish-Game's Fur January 2018 Market Report by Gary Schroeder, "Fur-trimmed coats and parkas continue to sell, and veteran traders expect coyote to again do well with collections of the best white-bellied, extra-heavy prairie coyotes moving at around $80.

"But any skins with weak necks, hip rubs or gunshot holes will likely be discounted. Better Western and Northeastern skins with some 'puff' to them (not at all flat) are finding offers at around $30. Later goods will probably move up to $45, while semiheavy skins see $15-$25. Buyers will move on the best first, and flatter goods may only sell later at $8-$15."

Source: Fur-Fish-Game