Natural Fiber Prices on the Rise
December 22, 2017

Since the end of 2016, prices for natural luxury fibers such as wool, cashmere, camelhair, alpaca and yak have been continuing to rise. What follows is an analysis of the factors behind this upturn, and a look at how the market has developed during 2017.

When prices for fine wool began to increase significantly in September 2016, most of the European wool textile sector did not believe that such a rise could be sustained. However, strong demand from China combined with an excellent autumn/winter 2016-17 season for European worsted weavers ensured that the strong demand for fine wool continued. Prices kept rising upwards, approaching all-time peak levels by April and May 2017.

In the European summer of 2017, especially during the three-week recess in Australian wool sales in July, it seemed that the wool market might calm down. However, once again strong Chinese demand, another good autumn/winter season for European fine wool weavers and also increased demand from the knitwear sector, have all given a new impulse to wool prices, pushing most types up to new records toward the end of 2017.

It is hoped that the prices for natural luxury fibers will not see a downturn during the second half of the winter season, between January and April 2018, as this would definitely cause a slowdown in the market, compared with the nice and sustained situation that currently exists.

Source: Marco Lavagnini, World Textile Information Network