ASI Files Sage Grouse Comments
December 8, 2017

The American Sheep Industry Association joined with the Public Lands Council in submitting comments to the Bureau of Land Management in response to the BLM's Notice of Intent to amend the 2015 Land Use Plan Amendments for the Greater Sage Grouse.

The 2015 Land Use plans placed a number of significant and arbitrary burdens on land use that not only tied the hands of producers, but impaired state and private efforts to conserve sage grouse habitat and populations. While the 2015 plans relied on static benchmarks, ASI encourages future amendments to recognize the compatibility of grazing and wildlife habitat.

Sheep producers know that the best practices for improving sage grouse habitat are reducing fuel load, reducing noxious weeds and preserving open space. Grazing is not a threat, but a critical component to wildlife habitat.

With state and private conservation efforts showing a proven record of success in sage grouse conservation, federal duplication is unnecessary. ASI joins with other stakeholders in urging BLM to defer to these state efforts and recognize the role of grazing in sage grouse habitat.

ASI's comments can be found on the Issues Page under Public Lands at or at: