2017 ASI Convention Materials Available
February 10, 2017

The implications of the enforcement of the veterinary feed directive on Jan. 1 were discussed during the board of directors meeting at the American Sheep Industry Association convention on Jan. 27 and the video of the presentation is now available.

ASI Executive Director Peter Orwick stated the presentation of Meg Oeller, DVM, Ph.D., prompted discussions nationwide among sheep producers and their veterinarians - "probably the most important discussion since the policy guidance was issued this winter."

"This process is clear for drugs approved for use in sheep," said Oeller. "Extra-label use (using the drug in sheep when it is approved for other mammalian species) is legal for water medications, following a veterinarian's order. Extra-label use is not legal for medicated feeds. However, FDA "will not recommend or initiate enforcement action" for medicated feed use in minor species (including sheep) provided certain considerations are met. This discretion will now include VFD feeds. The producer, the veterinarian and the feed mill should consult the Compliance Policy Guide and should abide by its considerations to use these feeds."

Also available for viewing is video of the 2017 Opening Session highlighting Temple Grandin, Ph.D., talking with sheep producers about the importance of animal welfare. She stressed the point that "every phone is a TV station. Nebulous policies and vague guidelines won't work when you're standing in the pasture trying to understand the needs of your flock. And they certainly won't help sell your product to a suspicious consumer."

These videos, along with other sheep related videos, are available on ASI's YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/SheepUSA1.

In addition, speaker presentations delivered during the convention are being downloaded to the ASI website, www.sheepusa.org/ResearchEducation_Presentations_2017Convention. Stay up-do-date on industry issues by looking at these reports.