Summer Intern Opportunity in S.D.
February 17, 2017

A summer internship opportunity in Meadow, S.D., is available for a self-driven, independent and inquisitive student.

Anderson Ranch is a diverse multi-species livestock operation that runs about 150 head of cow/calf pairs and 600 head of sheep utilizing an intensive rotational grazing system. Cows start calving the end of March on pasture with sheep lambing the beginning of May. All ewes are ultra-sounded and twins are sent through the lambing barn while singles are lambed on the prairie.

Range management is a high priority employing an intensive rotation system with both species. Livestock is moved daily or weekly with ATV, UTV or horse and border collie. This operation hosted an intern last summer and was able to adapt to the interns' interests and provide educational opportunities by taking in seminars and visiting North and South Dakota sheep and range stations.

This is a paid internship; compensation depends on experience. Housing is provided and standard summer activities and work-hours on a ranch should be anticipated. This is a great opportunity to experience a multi-species ranch that takes pride in its range management.

Those interested can contact Dan or Sharon Anderson at 605-788-2978 or More information about the ranch can be found at