National Coalition Advocates for Investment in Rural Infrastructure
February 24, 2017

The American Sheep Industry Association joined more than 200 organizations from across the country in writing to President Trump this week encouraging him to prioritize rebuilding infrastructure in rural America.

"American agriculture truly feeds the world and creates millions of jobs for U.S. workers. Our nation's ability to produce food and fiber and transport it efficiently across the globe is a critical factor in U.S. competitiveness internationally. Infrastructure that supports rural communities and links them to global markets has helped make the U.S. the unquestioned leader in agricultural production. Our deteriorating infrastructure threatens that leadership position," the letter states.

The coalition went on to highlight the unique infrastructure needs in rural communities where populations are less dense and distance between communities creates challenges, calling on Trump to "provide leadership to ensure that rural America's needs are addressed."

While a stronger transportation infrastructure will help American agriculture compete in an increasingly crowded global marketplace, the other infrastructure needs of rural communities differ from urban areas. The letter highlights the "critical needs" that "exist in providing clean water for rural families, expanding broadband to connect rural communities to the outside world and enhancing the ability to supply affordable, reliable and secure power for the rural economy."

The organizations that signed the letter represent U.S. agricultural producers, rural businesses, rural communities and rural families.