Domestic and Wild Sheep Management and Disease Symposium
January 20, 2017

The Montana Wool Growers Association, the Montana Wild Sheep Foundation and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks are sponsoring a symposium titled "Sheep in Montana - Domestic and Wild: The State of Things and What We Know About Disease."

The symposium will be held on the afternoon of Thursday, Feb. 9, and the morning of Friday, Feb. 10, at the Radisson Colonial Inn in Helena.

The purpose of the symposium is to share information on the state of the domestic sheep industry in Montana, the state of Montana's bighorn sheep, domestic and wild sheep interaction and management and the current state of our collective knowledge about sheep diseases, including disease surveillance. Researchers, managers and producers from the western U.S. and Canada will share their knowledge through a series of presentations with a special focus on Montana's sheep, both domestic and wild.

The symposium is open and free to the public. An agenda of the symposium will be available at prior to the event. For more information, contact J. Vore at 406-444-3940 or email him at