Kyrgyzstan Now Accepting American Veterinary Certificates
July 28, 2017

Kyrgyzstan has agreed to accept the "Veterinary certificate for hides, horn and hoof, furs, sheep pelt, lambskin, wool and goat fluff, bristle, horse hair, down and feather of chicken, duck, goose and other poultry, and technical gelatin exported from U.S.A. to the Russian Federation." Previously, Kyrgyzstan required certifications that could not be endorsed for these products.

Consignments should not ship until after the exporter has confirmed the Veterinary Services Office has actually endorsed the certificate, that their importer has confirmed the consignment will be allowed entry with that certificate, and that their importer has confirmed the product meets any other relevant Kyrgyz Republic requirements (e.g. related to labeling).

The certificate applies to materials derived from livestock and may not be endorsed for materials derived from game or other wild animals. Importers should note the certificate must be prepared and endorsed in a special way. Variation from the provided guidelines will likely result in rejection of the shipment by Kyrgyzstani authorities. Learn more at: