American Wool Logo Available For Use
June 30, 2017

When the American Wool Council - a division of the American Sheep Industry Association - developed the new American Wool logo in 2016, it did so with the intent that it would help to promote the sale of goods made with American wool.

For that reason, the new logo is available for use by manufacturers creating products from this natural fiber. Two separate logos are available for products featuring American wool, as well as for those made in America with American wool. Products ranging from yarn to blankets to clothing could certainly benefit from use of the logo in product packaging, hang tags, clothing labels and advertising.

"We believe use of the American Wool logo and the ASI branding program is one way let consumers know more about American wool and to help them understand the value of wool products," said ASI Director of Wool Marketing Rita Samuelson. "Using the American Wool logo is also a method for companies to showcase and promote wool and quality American products. For those who meet the approved criteria, use of the logo is absolutely free."

A licensing agreement with ASI and the American Wool Council is required for use of the logo. For more information, contact Christa Rochford at or 303-771-3500, ext. 110.