Pendleton President Mort Bishop III Retiring
June 9, 2017

Pendleton Woolen Mills President Mort Bishop III has announced he will retire, effective June 30.

Bishop, who will continue to serve on the board, has served as president since 1999. He had been at the company for 40 years. John Bishop, who most recently served as chairman of the management committee and chairman of the board, will become chief executive officer and president. John Bishop is a cousin of Mort Bishop.

Peter Bishop was promoted to executive vice president of design and merchandising, Robert Christnacht to executive vice president of sales and Annetta Young to executive vice president of operations and planning. Dennis Simmonds remains chief financial officer.

"I am grateful to have spent 40 years with Pendleton, and honored to lead the company as president for the past 18 years," Mort Bishop said. "I am proud of what our organization has accomplished over the years where there have been successes and challenges."