March 2017 ASI Wool Journal Online
March 17, 2017

In the March 2017 issue of the ASI Wool Journal, Chris Wilcox shares retail demand and economic conditions as they relate to wool. He says, "Economic growth in some of the major wool consuming countries has improved in the past three months, which has bolstered world-share markets and pushed up commodity prices. It has also helped maintain consumer confidence at high levels in the European Union and Japan. Furthermore, in February, consumer confidence in the United States hit the highest levels since July 2001. This is encouraging for improved retail sales in all countries, notably the United States, which should help wool prices."

Wilcox shares a chart showing the trends in the leading economic indicators in China and in the major advanced economies compared with the benchmark Australian Eastern Market Indicator. The upturn in the leading indicators in both China and the advanced economies can be seen, as can the strong rise in the EMI in recent months.

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Other headlines from the first issue of the 2017 ASI Wool Journal series include: China's raw wool purchases down in 2016, starting to recover?; Merino wool prices leap, Crossbred wool prices collapse; and US lamb prices stable as Australia and NZ prices rise.

ASI commissions Wilcox, a leading analyst and commentator on the global wool industry, to produce the ASI Wool Journal, which offers insight into the U.S. and global wool markets.