Crescent Woolen Mills will Close
May 12, 2017

A shift to factory work overseas and a decline in sporting goods sales have led to the closure of Wisconsin-based Crescent Woolen Mills, an official said. Crescent opened in 1923 and will close its doors at the end of June if a new buyer is not found.

"It was a tough decision," company president Guy Webster said Tuesday. "We all decided it was time to close and lick our wounds."

Crescent is a custom spinner of wool and synthetic yarns, and has converted fibers into yarns sold to manufacturers of knitted and woven products for more than 90 years. Crescent's products were used primarily for sporting goods clothing, Webster said.

The mill is family-owned by third-generation family members. For more than six generations, the family of Matthew Webster has worked in or owned textile enterprises.

Source: Herald Times Reporter