ALB Launches Adventurous Campaign
November 10, 2017

The American Lamb Board announced this week the launch of "Feed Your Adventurous Side," a consumer campaign representing the spirit of today's lamb industry. It takes lamb beyond its traditional use at holidays to a bold exploration of flavor and adventure.

Research conducted for the American Lamb Board shows an opportunity to position lamb as offering unique and adventurous flavor to capture consumers' attention. The campaign reaches out to people most likely to desire new food favorites with lamb through social media, websites and other online destinations, supported by retail, foodservice and influencer programs. By capitalizing on how the target audience connects with information today through digital means, American lamb will be in front of adventurous consumers.

"This new positioning for American lamb as the adventurous, versatile protein option talks directly to people we call 'Flavor Seekers' who are bored with ordinary food options. Millennials are an important part of our audience," says ALB Chairman Jim Percival of Xenia, Ohio. "The digital nature of 'Feed Your Adventurous Side' allows focused promotions within the campaign at key times and locations.

"We're especially excited about the new Adventurous platform because it describes both the American lamb product and industry. Sheep fit into many production settings, from large grazing ranches to niche farms selling direct to consumers. We've explored unconventional avenues during our entire industry's history," Percival says. "We're encouraging members of the lamb industry to engage with this checkoff promotion. The American Lamb Board has brochures, customizable tools for farmer's markets and other programs to support local efforts. Our industry wants producers to be advocates for American lamb through local promotions and their checkoff is here to help support them," says Percival.

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Source: American Lamb Board