Morocco Makes Outrageous Claim that U.S. Has No Woven Wool
November 10, 2017

In an outrageous move that might harm U.S.-Moroccan relations, Morocco claims there is no woven wool fabric or knit fabric of any kind made in the United States, and seeks a short supply designation as required in the United States-Morocco Freed Trade Agreement.

Article 4.3.3 of the United States-Morocco Free Trade Agreement provides that, on the request of either party, the parties shall consult to consider whether the rules of origin applicable to a particular textile or apparel good should be revised to address issues of availability of supply of fibers, yarns or fabrics in the territories of the parties. If a particular fiber, yarn or fabric is found to not be available the rules of origin may be modified to allow non-originating fiber, yarn or fabric. This is commonly known as a "short supply" request. In an egregious violation of the spirit of the agreement, and in total disregard for the facts, the government of Morocco has presented the United States with an outrageous proposed "short supply" list, alleging that there is no U.S. production of woven fabric of wool or knitted fabric of any fiber.

The Government of the United States received a request from the Government of Morocco on Oct. 10, 2017, on behalf of Modaline Holding, requesting that the United States consider whether the USMFTA rules of origin should be modified to allow the use of 83-94 percent wool/4-15 percent nylon/1-7 percent spandex woven fabric classified in subheading 5112.19 and 5112.20 of the HTSUS that is not originating under the USMFTA. An additional request covered nearly two dozen other fabrics made from various fibers.

Comments must be submitted by Jan. 5, 2018, to the Chairman of the Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements. Agathon Associates is available to assist any of the scores of U.S. companies that make the fabrics the subject to this utterly without merit request. See the full list of fibers affected at:

Source: Agathon Associates