Video of the Week
November 10, 2017

Sheep never forget a face, especially if it belongs to a celebrity. In a new study, scientists trained eight female Welsh mountain sheep to recognize photos of four celebrities: actress Emma Watson, former U.S. President Barack Obama, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, and U.K. newsreader Fiona Bruce.

After a few days of being rewarded for correctly choosing the stars' images instead of those of unfamiliar people displayed on side-by-side computer screens, the animals could distinguish the celebrities with about 80 percent accuracy. Most significantly, the sheep could also pick out Watson and company if they saw pictures of them from a different perspective (with their faces tilted to the left or right, for example), this time with about 67 percent accuracy. That's not much worse than humans, whose accuracy drops from about 90 percent to 76 percent in similar tests.

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Source: American Association for the Advancement of Science