Census of Agriculture Kicks off in December

The Census of Agriculture is a complete count of America's farms and ranches and the people who operate them. Taken every five years, the Census provides valuable information used at the local, state, and national level to plan for the future.

The Census is the only source of uniform, comprehensive agricultural data for every state, county, or county equivalent in the nation. By participating in the Census, you help show the value and importance of U.S. agriculture.

The Census of Agriculture defines a farm as any place that produced and sold, or normally would have sold, $1,000 or more of agricultural products during the Census year (2017).

The Census gives you and other farmers and ranchers a voice. Completing your Census form is your opportunity to tell how American agriculture provides food, fuel, feed, and fiber to the world. Join this collective voice by responding to the Census with information about your farm or ranch. You have the information and power to influence decisions that will shape the future of your operation, your community, and your industry.

Your response provides input for future agricultural planning and decision making. The information collected helps USDA work with other organizations and rural communities to develop short-term and long-term improvements, strategies, and safeguards to better serve you.

Results from the 2017 Census of Agriculture will play a role in determining future decisions about:
  • Agricultural research
  • Telecommunications connectivity (i.e., broadband expansion)
  • Conservation programs
  • Military veteran farmer programs
  • New agricultural technologies
  • Transportation and marketing locations
  • Production practices
  • Farm Bill
  • Rural economic development
The information you supply through your Census response, regardless of the size or type of your operation, is important. Some of the information you provide is not collected by any other means and helps to provide new tools, resources, and reports. The Census is your voice, your future, and your opportunity. USDA will mail the 2017 Census of Agriculture in December. Please respond to the Census promptly and accurately in either of the following ways:
  • Online at www.agcounts.usda.gov Online reporting is fast, cost effective and secure.
  • By mail. Fill out the census form and return it in the envelope provided.

Source: USDA